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95 Is Alive

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Registry Tools

Every time you read an article or a post about a change or a tweak for a registry setting it is always surrounded with "Backup your Registry, modifications to the registry can render your system unusable."  Well, if you delete something critical this is true, but simple tweaks can be made without much danger.  The only problem being the tweak won't work
Although 95 doesn't come with the easy to use registry backup features of later versions, it does backup the registry and in addition, a few simple DOS commands can create an emergency backup and store it on the hard drive where it can be imported with a few more DOS commands even when windows won't load.  You may have to correct a few settings such as desktop wallpaper etc, but it is better to correct a few settings than have to reinstall windows and a bunch of software.  I back mine up every time I install new hardware or software.

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Regseeker Registry Cleaner
A great free registry clean up utility from Hoverdesk that includes the ability to clear the Windows Stream MRU section of the registry.  Has the capability of clearing Temporary Internet and History files and Cookies.  Also shows and has the ability to remove, installed programs and start up items.  Click the Freeware link


Prevent Accidentally running a batch file
When some programs or windows upgrades are installed they create a .bat file which is used to restore old files during an uninstall.  Accidentally double clicking a file with a .bat extension will cause the old files to be restored and can render a program or upgrade unusable.  To prevent this, run regedit and open the Key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\batfile\shell and change the value of Default to Edit, by right clicking Default and clicking Modify. The change will take effect the next time you start the computer.  These files can still be run if needed by right clicking them and clicking run.


Prevent accidental Registry changes
Your computer is full of files with the .reg extension. Some of these files are created for backup purposes when programs are installed so that if you uninstall a program it can restore the old registry settings.  However, if you accidentally double click a file with a .reg extension, the regedit program will automatically write ( merge ) the contents to the Registry which can cause a program to not function.  To prevent this, run regedit and open the key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\regfile\shell and change the value of Default to Edit by right clicking Default and clicking Modify.  This will then make it open in Notepad when double clicked.  The change will take effect the next time you start the computer.  The Merge function will still work when you right click such a file.



Use the tools scanreg and scanreg/restore from 98 in Windows 95
The automatic registry backup and restore tool set from Win98 will work in 95.   Thanks to an e-mail from Carol J I've installed and use them. Also, since it's becoming impossible to find the files on the web, I have created an install file that will install Scanreg on your Windows 95 computer.  It will start working the next time you start your machine.  Just click Download, save it to your desktop and double click Scanregsetup.exe to run the install.
 Clicking Image will open a text page of instructions that you can copy and paste to a Notepad file so you can save it to your C: drive and read it in DOS if need be. Instructions on reading files with the DOS Edit command are on the Windows Repair page.

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Windows 95 Registry backup tool
Thanks to an e-mail from the folks at I found a registry back up tool on the CD-ROM Extras page at Microsoft, that was created for Windows 95.  It only works when Windows is running in Normal or Safe mode,  but it should be easier than the DOS methods listed below.  It is on the Windows CD located in the directory named Other.  It's called cfgback.exe, and would be great to run before a hardware or software change.  It is available by clicking Go get it.   The download file is cfgbk.exe.


DOS level Registry Backup
With Windows running, click Start, Programs and double click on the MS-DOS Prompt line.   In the panel that opens, after windows type: cd:\ and hit enter to go to the root drive.  Type: regedit /e compact.reg and hit enter. ( this serves a dual purpose ) windows will "export" your registry.  When it's done type CD:\Windows and hit enter and then type: exit and hit enter. You have just backed up your registry.   Regedit /e is the "export" command.


DOS level Registry Restore
Write this down.  If your computer won't boot to windows even in safe mode, and you have the compact.reg file on the C drive do the following.  Boot to the selection screen by tapping the F8 key when you first see "starting windows...," and select command prompt only.  Type cd:\ and hit enter, type: regedit /c compact.reg and hit enter. It will take a while but when it's done restart the machine. ( The dual purpose is that the imported registry will have "compressed" and removed all of the "blank spaces" )  Regedit /c is the "copy" or import command.

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An extremely powerful registry cleaner by Ray Geide for those who are fully aware of the software on their computers.  Goes a step beyond EasyCleaner.  Has a Novice Mode, and for advanced users the ability to add to the menu of items you want cleaned from your registry.  Also has an undo feature providing you don't empty the Vac Bag and let it save the contents to the RegVac folder. Not free but has a fully functional 30 day free trial.

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Windows Registry Guide
Download and install the Windows Registry Guide from Winguides.  It has all of the best tweaks included, and  you can view it on your computer when off-line.  Included are links to several utilities mentioned in other sections of 95 Is Alive. The Freeware version is at the bottom of the page that will open when you click Go get it.

To be continued....
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