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95 Is Alive

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Beyond the Screens
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I had mentioned to a couple of friends that I was thinking about adding a "Behind the Scenes" page with a cyber tour of what a website looks like from the Authors' and WebMasters' point of view.  They said "go for it," so here goes.
Below you will find links to short tours of how a website starts and what it looks like during "construction."  I use FrontPage from Microsoft.  I know there are others, however I got this copy from a clearance rack at a price I couldn't refuse.
Truth be known, someone with a working knowledge of html coding could create a website using nothing but the WordPad and Notepad utilities that are part of Windows and upload it to a server using an FTP utility, or host it from their own computer with a server program.
( 95 Is Alive was previewed by WackyB and two other friends from my own computer )
Tours will open in a new window that will close when you click the Finish button.

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Go get it


Create a favicon.ico with LiquidIcon XP Icon Editor
I have tried them all and this is the slickest one I've ever used.  It will even let you create multi page or "layered" icons, which are one icon file that contains up to 3 icon sizes.  The folks at X2 Studios have done an excellent job with this one.

AnalogX Simple Server Icon

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Show your friends your Web Page using Simple Server
AnalogX has a great free little utility named Simple Server that will turn your computer into a server so you can show your friends the web page you have created.  Simply launch Simple Server, make a note of the http://  IP address it shows you on the top bar, click the middle bar on the bottom and then browse to your index.htm page. Click on your index.htm file and then click the Simple Server Start button.  Email the http:// IP address to your friends and when they type it in their Internet Explorer address bar, your web page will open in their browser window.  ( Note: a firewall may block access )
Click Go get it to open the AnalogX Simple Server page

Image tour

Use Outlook Express to create a web page
If you have Outlook Express set to compose using HTML, you can create your text "web page" page using OE. Then click View and then check Source Edit and you will see the HTML "source."  Click and drag your mouse cursor over the text to highlight it. Click copy and then paste it into a blank Notepad page.  Click Save as, name it mypage.htm and click ok.  Double click your new file and it will open in Internet Explorer.

FP Editor tour

Creating and editing a web page
Front Page Editor is the portion of Front Page that is used to create and edit web pages.   It's like having a drawing pad with an endless supply of clean blank pages, The pencil never gets dull and the eraser never wears out.  If you don't like what you've started just delete it and start over.

FP Explorer tour

Managing web page files
Front Page also has an Explorer.  In some ways similar to the one you know in Windows, it treats files a little differently and has features that let you check links between pages and links to web sites.  It also checks for lost or "orphaned" pages and is the FTP program that uploads the pages to your host server.

WebMaster tour

WebMaster stuff
This link will take you on a tour of a few images I've included from the "Control Panel" that I use to verify the server status of 95 Is Alive, and to check usage statistics.

Take the tour

Make your own web page using Notepad
With a very limited amount of html knowledge, you can make your own web page using the simple tools already in your computer. To start, right click the desktop and click New and then Folder and name the folder myweb and press enter. Then take the tour.


Validating html for web pages
After creating countless pages it sometimes gets to the point where you can't find the errors that cause pages not to load or images not to display in the right places.  95 Is Alive consists of 275 pages and 435 images. ( as of 6/12/2003 )  I did a Google search because I needed some help and came up with CSE Html Validator from AI Internet Solutions.   The "Lite" version is free.  It is a great tool.

Below are some links to sites with some good information for building a Web Site.
Click the Icons or Visit to open the sites.

Click to open Neil Johan's site

Neil Johan's Website

Click to open DevGuru


Click to open HTML Goodies

HTML Goodies

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Gatescript javascript site


Java Script Kit


Meta Tags help page



Click to open Dynamic Drive

Dynamic Drive



To be continued.....Maybe!
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